AYAts is a collection store of perfumes, which is an agent of many time-honored high-end perfumes and fragrances from Europe, promoting these products by digital means. We wanted to create an image integrating classic temperament and a futuristic feel, but brands in the store vary considerably in scents, shapes, and concepts, making it hard to extract a unitary property. Therefore, we hoped to build a library of visual elements, which visualizes scents and enables features of each scent to be visible and comprehensible to consumers through the changing curve of top, middle and base notes.

Starting from the design of fonts, air connects and circulates through each gap between strokes, and each font can extend the track of a scent upwards and downwards. Scents can become material represented in illustrations, as well as be linked with the next phrase. When words are linked, they express emotions in the text while representing scents. We call the system Olfactory Vine, of which the style of lines and illustrations are influenced by the Viennese Secession, which emerged at the same time as some products sold in AYAts.