Authentic Tea House 淳茶舍
Authentic Tea House 淳茶舍包装升级可口可乐旗下的淳茶舍(简称ATH)茶饮料包含了绿茶、红茶和铁观音,原有包装体现了饮茶的意境但未能表现“天然真茶”的清甜和浓香。信息层级上,我们从消费者角度出发,ATH知名度不高,并不能作为购买驱动,我们将茶品的名称和特色放在信息的第一层级,ATH的logo放在其次,同时强化了“无糖”和“100%春茶”的产品特点。创意方面,整个包装就像一个平静的湖面,涟漪从原有的圆形logo周围晕开,湖水被赋予了对应茶液名称的颜色,由浓到淡层层晕染,最后与真实的茶汤自然衔接,顶部标签被处理为渐渐透明的效果以便露出真实茶汤的颜色。整体的渐变效果既表现了天然的清甜,又体现了茶汤自身的浓郁。鲜嫩的茶叶尖围绕在logo周围,有些也沉在水中,给人一种茶汤中真的有茶叶的感受。
Authentic Tea House packaging upgradedThe tea drinks of Authentic Tea House (ATH for short) which is a brand of Coca Cola, contains green tea, black tea and Tie Guanyin tea. The former packaging embodies the artistic mood for drinking tea but no reflection of its fresh and sweet aroma of “natural authentic tea”. We proceed from customers perspective, on the information tier, considering that ATH has got no famous fame yet which can not be the purchasing drive, so we regard the names and features of the tea as its first tier of information, and the logo of ATH the second tier, in which way to strengthen the product features of “With no sugar”and “100% spring tea”. As to originality, the whole packaging is just like a lake with smooth surface. Its ripples scattered around the former circle logo, and the water is endowed with the color of corresponding tea, which disperses from thick to light, tier upon tier, and links up naturally with the real tea drinks at the end, through which the top label is made to reach the effect of gradual transparency to show its color of the real tea drinks. The whole change, little by little, not only reflects the natural fresh and sweet flavor, but embodies the full aroma of the tea drinks itself. The fresh tender tea leaves are surrounded by the logo and some also sunk into the water to make customers have a sense as if you can find real tea leaves in it.