All about sheep
It is a sheep milk powder brand; whose products are in aluminum cans or bar- shaped bags. It is not easily to innovate the package of aluminum cans while the outer boxes of bar-shaped bags are expected to be designed more unique for the love of more females with high intellectual.Sheep milk powder is relatively new in the Chinese market, where it is packed so similarly to milk powder that consumers must pick it up and carefully check whether the label is cattle or goat instead of distinguishing them quickly.We hope to design the entire package into the shape of a goat. However, the cost of molds in aluminum cans or PET is expensive and overly designed. Maybe cartons are the best materials.We choose the structure of drawers which are enveloped in wool and appear as the face and body of goats. Handles of drawers are shaped in lamb's "dumb hair" and edges of envelopes are cut into the shape of goats' ears. In this way, boxes become square lambs through cleverly adjustment of their structure.Envelopes are in cotton papers and concave for presenting all information. The feel of wool is simulated with embossing, characters and patterns. Their fonts and patterns are close to western decorative patterns, in line with imported and fancy products, and fit the aesthetics of women with high intellectual, which seem quiet and elegant and can be integrated into any home and office.